Reminder: The net begins at 7:30 sharp on Monday evenings! Ensure that you have paper, pencil, and yourself ready on time.

Good Evening! It's time for the Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club's Monday evening net. It is a roundtable conversation that includes anything of interest to amateurs as well as club information. All are welcome to join our roundtable. To do so simply announce yourself using your callsign (no phonetics please).

My name is (your name) (your call). I am net control station for this evening.

Lets see if there is any emergency traffic - if so say your full callsign please. Is there any such traffic? [pause for 4-5 seconds]

Hearing none the club operates linked wide area coverage repeaters on 2 meters, 220 and 440. You can join us using any one of the repeaters. The club also operates several packet stations. For details on the repeaters and any club questions contact net control or go to and browse the site.

Ok - lets take check-ins. Use your full callsign, name and location. Go ahead please.

[Write down all calls, names and locations heard. Optionally record the band they are using. After a silence of 3-4 seconds read back the callsign, name and location of all stations heard. If a clarification is needed, ask for it at this time. Repeat this process 2 or three times then start the roundtable.]

[Roundtable: This is a relaxed flowing group discussion that you have to keep energized. Using topics of interest for the people checked in or any current topic of interest, start a thread of a conversation that you think everyone can comment on. Starting with the first station heard say a few words to him including a question to start the conversation then hand it over.]

[Between every second participant check for new check-ins - say] "Is there anyone who would like to join our net tonight? Please announce yourself using your full callsign - go ahead pleaseā€¦" [If any, ask each for the same information as the group provided; name, location rolex replica and optionally the band they are using. Keep the rotation moving so you don't loose those at the end of the list.] [Pass through the roundtable list of check-ins twice. Usually by the end of the second pass it is time to close the net as people start to disappear.]

Close: Well, its time to close the LCARC net for tonight. It has been a good session and I hope to hear all of you next week at the same time. The repeaters are available for regular use, [your callsign] clear.

[revision 2004-06, W6OPO]

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