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Board of Directors

Membership Chair,

Steve Paine, WD6FTE


Skip La Fetra, AA6WK

Technical Committee Chair

John Sisler, KJ6ZL

Member at Large

Ned Rice, N6ZOZ


Dan Smith, K6PRK


Bob Lanning, W6OPO


LCARC Bylaws

Castle Rock Net Script

Good Evening! 

It's time for the Castle Rock Thursday Evening Net.

This net is for neighborly communication and emergency preparedness around the Castle Rock and Skyline area. 

We also welcome all licensed amateurs who are able to reach K6FB. 

My name is (your name) (your call).  I am the Net Control Station for this evening.

First, I’ll call for any emergency traffic -- if so, say your full callsign.  Is there any emergency or priority traffic?

[pause for 4-5 seconds]

Hearing none… Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club operates linked, wide area repeaters on 2 meters and 440.  You can join us on either of the repeaters

The club also operates a 220 repeater, not normally linked, and several packet stations.

Full details can be found at the club’s website,


  • K6FB 2 meters is heard at 145.450 MHz, negative offset, located on Castle Rock Ridge, west of Los Gatos, at 2800 feet.
  • K6FB 70 centimeter is heard at 442.575 MHz, positive offset, located on Black Mountain, west of Palo Alto, also at 2800 feet. 

The repeaters require a PL of 100 hertz.  These repeaters offer extensive coverage from the Sierra to the Sea.


Now I’ll take check-ins.  Please use your full callsign, name and location.

We will start with stations in the Castle Rock and Skyline area, north or south of Highway 9.

Go ahead please… 

[Optionally, call for south, then north of Highway 9 if there are many check-ins.]

Next I’ll call for all stations in all areas.  Please go ahead with your callsign, name and location.

[Write down all calls, names and locations heard.]

[Roundtable:  This is a relaxed flowing group discussion that you have to keep energized.
Using topics of interest for the people checked in or any current topic of interest, rolex replica start a thread of a conversation that you think everyone can comment on.
Starting with the first station heard say a few words to him/her including a question to start the conversation then hand it over.]

[Between every second participant ask for new check-ins]

Is there anyone who would like to join our net tonight?

Please announce yourself using your full callsign.  Go ahead please… 


It’s time to close the Castle Rock net for tonight.

I hope to hear from you next week at the same time, Thursday at 8:00 pm.

The repeaters are now available for normal use.  [Your callsign] clear.


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