TRAC Members Donate Batteries - October 2005

Thank you Skip AA6WK for contributing these pictures! Click an image for a larger view.

packet antennas on short poles above the shack rooftop
The packet antennas are mounted on short poles peaking above the rooftop.
Cream colored batteries donated by TRAC
One of the batteries that LCARC purchased in 2000 had just failed. Tandem Radio Amateur Club (TRAC) donated their batteries to Las Cumbres when they vacated their Cupertino shack. Thank you TRAC members!
Current portrait of the shack, 2005
Our flagship shack poses for a portrait on a late November afternoon.

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Holiday Dinner - December 2004

Thank you Skip AA6WK for contributing these pictures. Click an image for larger view.

Ken KN6CK and family
Ken KN6CK, Selena, and family
Group photo at the table
From lower left: Ken KN6CK, Selena (behind gift bag), Bob W6OPO and Sheila, guests at far end of table, at far right Jey KQ6DK and Lynn KE6QQJ, Joe K6DZO.
Photo of Steve, Dan, and Patsy
Chief Organizer Steve WD6FTE with Dan K6PRK and Patsy
Photo of Patsy, Jey, Lynn
Patsy enjoys dinner; Jey KQ6DK and Lynn KE6QQJ enjoy everyone's company
Photo of Roy KF6KVD
Roy KF6KVD toasts the guests from the head of the table

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Antenna Party - October 2003

Thank you John KJ6ZL for contributing these pictures. Click an image for larger view.

Picture showing sturdy tree top antenna mount
The carefully crafted tree-top mount for our refurbished Stationmaster 2m antenna
Picture showing our link antenna
This is the link antenna to our site on Black Mountain. The signal sneaks over the hill to reach Black Mountain.

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New Batteries - September 2000

Thank you Ned KE6ZOZ for contributing these pictures. Click an image for larger view.

New batteries arrive in Ned's truck
New batteries have arrived at the shack in the back of Ned's truck
Photo of Dan installing batteries
Dan K6PRK is installing the new batteries in the battery box.
Photo of our flagship shack on Castle Rock
The battery box is at the back of the room, at left. There is room for one more battery in the leftmost corner.

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